What makes your world a wonderland? The heartfelt embrace of a loved one, the peacefulness of a solo beach walk at dawn or the look that says a thousand words.

The world is full of wonderful moments, but sometimes we let the good things pass us by. Too often we loose sight of those fleeting instances of pure perfection to the everyday whirlwind of life. It’s the wondrously little things that make us feel alive. It’s the blissfully simple stuff that makes our house feel like a home, our body feel connected to our soul and our loved ones feel like they’re the best person on earth.

The St Albans ‘Wonderland’ collection brings beautifully handcrafted, natural-fibre throws, blankets, wraps and scarfs that will inspire to make your world a whimsical sanctuary for the soul. The luxuriously chic designs display a colour scheme centred around traditional checks and summer stripes, which brings a vibrant, yet peaceful vibe to the collection. The introduction of breathable cotton to the throw family of mohair, alpaca and wool products means there’s a type of snuggly throw for every season.

See for yourself……- ¬†shop the St Albans collection.



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