Sleeping in on a rainy day, the heartfelt embrace of a loved one and catching the scent of your favourite perfume… it’s the simple pleasures that make life count. This year, St Albans Textiles is celebrating those fleeting moments of comfort and perfection with their 2014 collection, “Simple Pleasures”, launching this week.

A whimsical wonderland of wintery hues with a dash of brightness for those dreary days, the “Simple Pleasures” collection brings delectable palettes of berry, mint and mustard to life in exquisite hand-woven form.  From luxuriously  Mohair, Alpaca and Wool throws to effortlessly chic scarfs, ponchos and wraps, these little bundles of beauty are perfect for those crisp winter days spent snuggling by the fire or for settling in for a cuppa’ with friends.

The collection connects the innate beauty and durability of natural-fibres with inspired and modern designs. The “street chic” comfort and wearability of the scarfs, ponchos and capes, coupled with the bespoke quality of the throw blankets and rugs allow the “Simple Pleasures” products to add an understated elegance to any setting.

To make some new memories for you and your home, shop the St Albans collection.



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